Matagorda Weather

Our weather station is located on Matagorda Beach.

The data below is live weather statistics to let you know the conditions before you drive down to Matagorda. The weather station uploads data at 1 minute intervals.

We have installed a weather station in the same location as our Matagorda Beach webcam, approximately 3/4 miles east of the Matagorda jetties.

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Current moon phase

Matagorda Beach weather station


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Current Weather at Matagorda Beach, Texas

  • Temperature 80.4 F
  • Humidity 84%
  • Dewpoint 75.1 F
  • Wind WNW at 5.0 mph
  • Barometer 29.892 in & Steady
  • Today's Rain 0.08 in
  • Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr
  • Storm Total 0.40 in
  • Monthly Rain 3.09 in
  • Yearly Rain 13.66 in
  • Wind Chill 79.3 F
  • THW Index 85.1 F
  • Heat Index 86.2 F

Today's Highs and Lows

  • High Temperature 87.6 F at 1:48pm
  • Low Temperature 76.4 F at 2:49pm
  • High Humidity 92% at 12:03am
  • Low Humidity 69% at 5:59pm
  • High Dewpoint 79.0 F at 1:44pm
  • Low Dewpoint 71.0 F at 2:48pm
  • High Wind Speed 24.0 mph at 2:31pm
  • High Barometer 29.980 in at 12:00am
  • Low Barometer 29.875 in at 6:28pm
  • High Rain Rate 0.23 in/hr at 2:26pm
  • Low Wind Chill 74.0 F at 2:49pm
  • High Heat Index 101.0 F at 1:45pm